A Brief History of Southern Nevada Conservancy and

Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association

  • 1988      Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association(RRCIA) founded. Initial board meeting held April 5,                   1988. 501(c)(3) status approved September 16,1988.

  • 1988      RRCIA begins operating retail sales at Red Rock Canyon.

  • 1990      Red Rock Canyon Lands becomes Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

  • 1990      First RRCIA Executive Director hired.

  • 1990      RRCIA produced its first two publications, The Red Rock Trail Guide and The Red Rock Geological               Map.

  • 1992      Junior Ranger and interpretive programs begin at Red Rock Canyon.

  • 1997      RRCIA begins operating fee station as approved by the US Congress Recreational Fee                               Demonstration Program (RFDP) Act of 1996.

  • 2000      RRCIA begins administering the Mojave Max Public Information and Education Program as part                 of the Clark County Desert Conservation Program.  First Mojave Max Emergence Contest.

  • 2000      RRCIA begins operating the retail store and offering interpretive programs in the Spring                             Mountains National Recreation Area (SMNRA), commonly called Mt. Charleston, per an                           agreement with the US Forest Service.

  • 2002      RRCIA partners with Friends of Red Rock Canyon (FORRC) and BLM for a comprehensive                           Wayside Exhibit Signs project at RRCNCA.

  • 2002      Planning begins for new Red Rock Visitor Center, marking an increased project management and               interpretive planning role for RRCIA.

  • 2003      Southern Nevada Interpretive Association is formed, assumes responsibility for retail sales at the                 SMNRA Visitor Center and interpretive programs in the Spring Mountains (Mt. Charleston).

  • 2004      RRCIA developed the wayside signage for the Red Spring restoration project and boardwalk                     Completed December 2005.

  • 2005      FLREA (Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act) replaces RFDP and applies to 5 federal                       agencies.

  • 2005      Outside Las Vegas Foundation becomes a committee of SNC

  • 2006      Remodeling project for old Red Rock Visitor Center becomes first major project RRCIA                               manages for the BLM.

  • 2006      RRCIA assumes responsibility for publishing Keystone publication.

  • 2007      Name changed from Southern Nevada Interpretive Association to Southern Nevada                                 Conservancy by amendment to articles of incorporation.

  • 2008      SNC helps launch Protectors of Tule Springs and Ice Age Park Foundation as fiscal agent for both               groups. 

  • 2008      SNC begins exhibit project management at the California National Historic Trail Interpretive                     Center in Elko, NV.  This is a multi-year, multi-million dollar project, the largest project                               management undertaken to date.

  • 2009      Outside Las Vegas Foundation ceases operation as a committee of Southern Nevada                                 Conservancy and obtains independent 501(c)(3) status.

  • 2009      SNC awarded contract to build seven major kiosks along 125 miles of the Old Spanish Trail.

  • 2009      New Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, including the new Elements Gift Shop, opens October                     2009. Increased square footage led to dramatic increase in sales, allowing the organization to                 greatly increase interpretive programming and aid to BLM. Allowed for a wider variety of                         interpretive and educational programming, including extensive community outreach.

  • 2009      Friends of Desert Wildlife Refuges is formed with SNC acting as fiscal agent. 

  • 2010      Outdoor Interpretive Exhibits open at the new Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, including habitat                 for Mojave Max, opens April 2010.

  • 2012      California National Historic Trail Interpretive Center opens June 2, 2012. SNC was contracted                   by the BLM for exhibit planning, installation, and program support. 

  • 2012      SNC partners with USDA Forest Service to launch GO Mt. Charleston branded website, social                   media, and interpretive programs for SMNRA.

  • 2013      RRCIA sponsored the first United States citizenship ceremony at Red Rock Canyon.

  • 2014      Corn Creek Visitor Center for the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Desert National Wildlife Refuge                     opens February 22, 2014  SNC consulted with FWS for the design of interpretive displays and                 oversees the retail operations.

  • 2014      BLM Agreements with RRCIA and SNC renewed. The new agreements call for continued RRCIA                 and SNC support for new and existing programs.

  • 2015      The USDA Forest Service opens the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway May 29, 2015 in the                     Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. SNC expands retail operations and Go Mt                           Charleston programs.

  • 2015      RRCIA launched membership program at Red Rock Canyon and to a smaller degree Mt.                           Charleston.

  • 2016      The Ice Age Park Foundation becomes fiscally independent of SNC. 

  • 2016      RRCIA is legally merged with Southern Nevada Conservancy and continues to grow retail sales,                 interpretive publishing, and educational programs throughout contracted sites.


Southern Nevada Conservancy creates opportunities to discover, understand, and enjoy your public lands. 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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